Sailing Instructions


rev. 03/29/21


  1. NEW MEMBERSHIPS shall only be activated after receipt of application, signed release waiver, and dues.

  2. SOLING 1M CLASS shall be in accordance with Soling One Meter Class rules.

  3. DRAGON FORCE 65 AND DRAGON FLITE 95 CLASSES shall be in accordance with their Restricted Class Rules with no exceptions

  4. RG65 OPEN CLASS shall be in accordance with the RG65 class rules.

  5. Only club members are allowed to race in the official scored series.

  6. A CLASS RACING SERIES shall be established and remain in operation when a minimum of five boats indicate their intention to sail and participate in 50% of the scheduled races for that class.

  7. SAIL NUMBERS shall be an assigned unique two digit and class legal number also approved by the club. Two digit numbers are to be carried on the jib for club scoring. It is recommended that a members’ number be used for all classes he sails.

  8. FLEET SERIES RACING shall be conducted and scored for each individual class as indicated on the club schedule.

  9. RACING FLEETS shall be as determined by the board.

  10. A MINIMUM of three boats are required to constitute a fleet race. Does not apply when a class is racing as split fleets i.e. A and B.

  11. CLUB RACING shall be governed by the rules as defined in the “Racing Rules of Sailing.”

  12. BOW BUMPERS are required on ALL Solings participating in fleet racing or practice.

  13. ELECTRONIC VISUAL AID DEVICES shall not be allowed.

  14. TROPHIES shall be awarded on the basis of three for each fleet.

  15. ELIGIBILITY FOR TROPHIES requires competing in 65% of the races conducted in a series. (42 for 8 week and 32 for 6 week series.)


  1. SCORING shall be the low-point average scoring system adjusted as follows: DNF, DSQ are scored number of boats started in that race plus 1 point. DNS, DNC will not be scored i.e. (there is no penalty for not racing).

  2. ODD/EVEN SCORING shall be used when 13 or more boats race.

  3. AN OFFICIAL RACE DAY is scheduled for 8 races but is considered complete with a minimum of 6. If less than 6 a make-up day is to be scheduled.

  4. THE RD shall set the start/finish and other race course marks.

  5. RD’S will be given completed race credits in scoring for those they RD’d limited to one race day per series.

  6. A BOAT IS “RACING” when in the starting area at the one minute mark on the start clock. If withdrawn any time after that it shall be scored as DNF.

  7. LAUNCHING a boat between 30 seconds and the the start signal, shall result in a penalty of DNF.

  8. A GROUNDED BOAT may be freed during pre-start or racing, as long as not to improve it’s position, without penalty.

  9. START AND FINISH MARKS shall not be touched without penalty.

  10. CAUSING A FOUL requires immediately sailing free of other boats and completing a single 360 degree turn. If that foul created an advantage over the fouled boat additional turns are required until the advantage is extinguished.

  11. ONE 5 MINUTE HOLD is allowed per skipper per day. Holds may not be called after the one minute starting mark or for boat tuning.

  12. RIG CHANGES may be made between races but shall not cause a delay in the normal starting sequence, at the half time break or when the RD allows for rapid changing weather conditions.

  13. A SINGLE BOAT remaining on the course may be called and scored last place provided she started correctly.

  14. GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP is mandatory by all personnel at the pond. Anyone in non-compliance is subject to immediate suspension or removal by the RD or any club officer and further suspension or penalties as provided in the club bylaws.

  15. PROTESTS A skipper protesting another boat shall twice hail “Protest” and the other boats sail number and make sure the protested boat is aware of the hail. The protested skipper shall reply that they accept the protest or that they will go to hearing and then must do their penalty and announce when completed or continue sailing. Skippers wishing to lodge a protest must inform the RD immediately after the race. Protests not settled on the water will be heard at the mid day break or after the last race at the RD’s discretion. The RD shall determine a protest committee at his discretion.